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Dragon’s Den Delight

15 Dec 2020

Christmas, the quintessential season of gifts and gizmos, glitz and glamour.  Aptly, this Christmas week two GCSE Business classes embarked on their own missions of creativity and craft, St Louis’ edition of the Dragon’s Den! Each class divided into groups, work as industriously as Santa’s elves; countless products were pitched and hotly debated over, until designers’ eyes alighted upon the best of the best.  Among the assortment of delights were the ingenious HairDIY, a home salon alternative during lockdown, NiceRice, a drive through Chinese championed for its convenience, and the Toss Bed, an innovative solution to students’ melancholic Monday mornings.

Each design was accompanied by the four elements of the Marketing Mix, a mantra no doubt every Business Studies student will know and love; Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Every group meticulously analysed their product, selecting strategies from price skimming to sales promotion techniques.  Finally, after much preparation and planning, it was time to launch our lucrative ideas, and present them to the formidable dragons.

Our project was designed through rose tinted glasses – literally! Omniscient Optics adapted VR technology into contact lenses, sculpting an immersive visual experience for all. Others included the GPS Hurling Ball, a salve for every player’s dilemma, the Gobble Gum, a Wonka-esque delicacy with a 24-hour flavour.  The competition was fierce and furious, tinsel was thrown and bells jingled as the dragons tried desperately to narrow down an array of talent.


Eventually, as we awaited with bated breath, NiceRice was declared the winner, with Omniscient optics in second place.  A timely exhilarating enterprise for students….but it looks like Santa’s workshop might have some competition this year.


By Annie Mc Crory Year 11



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