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Junk Kouture Finals

7 Mar 2017

Well done to our art and design pupils Ruairi McLarnon, Caitlin Reid, Sandra Janik and Odhran Logan whose designs were successful in reaching the Ulster final in this year’s Junk Kouture Final.  Pupils have made their creations this year from floor lining, binder twine, zips, hair dye tubes, scrap fabric, tin cans and foil plates. Through creating these designs pupils are hoping to bring attention to the need for recycling and how old materials can be re-used to create something new.  The creations were modelled by Ruairi and Odhran, as well as Catherine Lennon and Grace Dougan in the millennium Forum in Derry on Monday 6th March.  Designers and model did St Louis proud with their professional designs and energetic performances.  With tough competition from 80 designs Odhran and Sandra’s garments were chosen to progress to the All-Ireland Final, which will take place in Dublin in April.


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