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Online Safety Event

20 May 2021

This week, we ran an Online Safety Event for Year 8 and 9 pupils via Zoom. The pupils found the talk interesting and engaging!


This morning, myself and all other year 8 pupils experienced an educational session about online safety and the various dangers of the internet. This talk covered the multiple sides of the internet, from dark web to social media, from how incredible it could be when used to its full potential but also how dangerous it could be to the average web surfer. This motivational emotional rollercoaster shook sense into the oblivious internet user to stay away from strange sights and be careful what you post onto your web page. To the average chil, it seems like on the internet you are living ‘in the now’, but how wrong they were as when we went into the background, we learned about people who had posted things on social media which now affects the jobs they will be allowed to have in the modern day world. This obviously shocked many people and surely woke up the people who were just online for a bit of fun with their friends but who now know their future relies on what they post in the now as opposed to what they post in the future. There was also this test known as ‘The Granny Test’ which is when you monitor what to post by seeing if you would show everything you post to your Grandmother. This speech was very educational and definitely informed many members of my class that not everything you see or do online is safe or legal. Overall, this was a great speech and was extremely informative I’m sure this is essential to any newcomers to the internet.

By Travis Corke Year 8



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