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Romania Trip Summer 2019

2 Sep 2019
On 28th June 2019, eight members of Sixth Form departed for Romania along with a group from Cambridge House Grammar School. The trip was highly successful. They delivered aid to the institutions for children and disabled adults in Bradet, Timis, Codlea, Zarnesti, Harman, Lunca, Budila and Tarlungeni. They were able to access the Down’s Syndrome Centre and bring supplies to them. They distributed another 150 bags of food to Mina 1 Mai village and delivered food to the local mental hospital.

As always I am most grateful to all of our team without whom any of this would have been possible.  The biggest thanks of all must go to the students who undertook fundraising for the trip and who never fail to impress with their kindness and decency in Romania.

Mr. E. Marquess
Friends for Romania


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