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Smallpiece Trust Engineering Experience

30 Sep 2019
Over my summer I spent 3 days with two class mates (Luke and Enzo) in Queens University, Belfast. This experience allowed me to enjoy a two night stay in Queens halls of residence, allowing me to develop my independence.  During the engineering experience I challenged to build planes and bridges out of a specific number of resources. Adding to the challenge, we had to buy our resources and manage our finances too. Much like real life engineers.
We also had to construct it using these resources which we purchased with imaginary money with a group of people whom we had never met. It was great being able to develop our team working skills and networking ability.

Several engineering companies hosted lots of our different challenges such as Network Rail and Thales; it was great getting face to face interaction with these huge engineering companies.
The Smallpiece trust is based in England and do these types of engineering courses all over the UK. This year was the first year which it had come to Northern Ireland and they said they would hopefully be back next year again to do the same course. We were also treated well throughout the course by the people from the Smallpiece trust as they cared for our every need. I would recommend this to anybody as it is an experience in engineering.

Michael McPeake (10 Lurig)


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