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St Louis proud to have a winner and finalist at the prestigious British Education Awards 2018!

2 Feb 2018

The British Education Awards identifies and celebrates individuals who have excelled within our British education system. In doing so, this award acknowledges that success come down to personal endeavour and application.

Niamh Gould

Huge congratulations to Niamh Gould who won her A Level Category at the British Education Awards in the Hilton Hotel, Manchester on Wednesday 31st January! We're so proud of everything Niamh has achieved - what a wonderful ambassador for our school!

Niamh achieved outstanding results at both GCSE and A2 Level. She obtained nine A* grades at GCSE and continued to secure 4 A* grades at A2 Level.

In addition to her academic ability, she has notable leadership skills demonstrated by her role as prefect. She was on the school’s Gifted and Talented register for STEM and is also creative and expressive evidenced by her fantastic ability in Drama and lead role in several school productions.

More importantly, Niamh was an honest, hardworking student who availed of and appreciated all of the opportunities provided within school. She had excellent attendance and punctuality. Niamh always used her talents in a positive way to help others through volunteering and was always respectful towards her peers and teachers. These strong moral values coupled with excellent academic ability are what made Niamh stand out.


Alisija Sestakova

Well done to Alisija who was placed in the top 4 in the GCSE Category. She thoroughly deserves this recognition and we expect many more great things from Alisija as she continues to study for her A Levels.

Alisija earned 10A* grades and 1A in her GCSEs. As well as this she even achieved an A* in AS Level Russian whilst she was in Year 12.


Alisija’s admirable curricular and extracurricular activities were also taken into consideration. She is a keen mathematician and was the recipient of the Junior Maths challenge award in junior school.  She also enjoys reading and writing literature. In 2015 she won a young writers competition and had her poem published in the Young Writers book "Joetopa”.  She is also an excellent artist and made it through to the final of the Junk Kouture competition in 2015. For the last four consecutive years, Alisija has attended a pilgrimage in Latvia which involves walking 460km.  For three weeks she walks from Liepaja to Aglona.


Alisija is part of the Russian speaking community in Northern Ireland and is often asked to work as an animator at different events particularly at Christmas.  On Saturdays she helps at the Russian speaking dance school Chemodancher. She has self-taught the Vangan (Jaws harp).


Currently Alisija volunteers in her local parish church working with young children taking the children’s liturgy every Sunday.  She reads at mass and is actively involved in her local parish. She volunteers for All Saint Youth club as part of a faith programme. 


Both Alisija and Niamh are wonderful ambassadors for St Louis and we are extremely proud of both girls!



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