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3 Jun 2021

Voiceworks run performing art classes from St. Louis Grammar School termly on Saturday mornings. We invite students from age 6-19 and have three age groups. The students take three classes and rotate between acting, dance and singing. The classes run from 10am to 1pm. We have openings for new students and if you would like to book a free trial class please do not hesitate to get in touch:


We also have a full summer program which is open to non-class members. If you’re interested in Performing, please get in touch or use the google links below to find out all the details you need to sign up.


Voiceworks - 'Curtain Up’ Senior Project Info

Projects Dates 2nd- 8th August 2021 age 14 - 21

The news you have all been waiting for Voiceworks 2021 Summer Project!


We are excited to release a new and unique project for ages 14-22 in summer 2021. We have planned a Musical Concert with a huge twist. The project will be extensively rehearsed as usual but this time we will be doing something very different. 


We plan to record our show in the Braid Arts with the customary dazzling costumes and full choreography you’ve come to expect from one of ours shows, but aside from that we will also be going out on location for some special moments and recordings onsite. We don’t want to give too much away but certain sections will be filmed professionally in selected venues to mimic the real scenes from the shows. This will be a totally new and unique experience and add another level of experience being filmed. 


Voiceworks - ‘Curtain Up’ Junior Project for age 6-14

So what’s this year all about?


This will be a packed programme of songs, drama and dance drawing from a variety of wonderful shows giving your child the chance to shine and perform. We have put together a concert drawing from musicals such as ‘The Wizard of Oz’, ‘Mary Poppins’, ‘The Sound of Music’ and ‘Hairspray’. The variety and opportunities will be endless and the cast will be busier than ever as they will be in full costumes and in multiple big numbers. We will have full week of rehearsals and a full day of recording in the theatre.


Your child will have the full experience of hair, makeup, costumes, choreography and theatre performance. The performance will be professionally recorded and then edited and released as a full concert combined with the senior project to give the home audience an evening not to be missed. This was also provide a treasured memory to look back on.


How do I get involved?


So if you’d simply like to be a part of the chorus and please remember this year because it is not a full show they will be in a bigger number than ever, please just complete the Google document and we will welcome you on board without an audition. Everyone will automatically get in without the added pressure of an audition!


What parts can I audition for?


Only Solo parts are auditioned for and the full list of roles are found on the google document you can select from there. You will be able to choose one or more roles. After we receive your information you will be sent a lyric document with the section of each song to prepare in adequate time.


What age is the project for?


The project is open for age 6-14 years.


What dates do I need to attend?


You must be available for all dates to sign up for the project 


26th- 30th July- Rehearsal Days usually 10am start to 4/5pm (full days)

31st July - Theatre Recording




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